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Arts Educator & Director

Arts education is important, and not just for artists. It opens (or re-opens) neural pathways that change the way we think and solve problems. It connects us to our world and our common humanity. It helps us process difficult situations. It engages us as citizens. It reminds us to play.


As an arts educator for over 20 years I’ve seen these things happen. Here are a few things I've done:


  •  toured and taught for  Seattle Repertory Theatre, Book-It Rep, and Seattle Shakespeare Company


  •  taught acting classes at the University of Washington, Freehold, Northwest Actors Studio and the Northwest School 


  • directed professionally for Book-It and Wooden O


  • guest directed at Highline Community College and North Seattle Community College


  • generated a lot of curriculum, and co-founded Book-It's residency program


  •  taught playwriting


  • worked as a monologue coach, and mentored people into graduate programs




My Day Job

Since 2015 I've been the Theatre Arts Director at Kennedy Catholic High School in Burien, WA. With the school's support I've been able to grow the program, adding new classes, a thespian troupe, and a fourth yearly production Check out Kennedy HERE.

The Crucible 2017 at Kennedy Catholic High School

"He is a master at breaking down material that seems intimidationg into something relatable and manageable, which gives young actors tremendous confidence onstage."


- Mimi Katano, Artistic Director of Youththeatre Northwest

Recently enriched my skills by participating in the Washington State Teaching Artist (TAT) Lab, an amazing program administered by Seattle Children's Theatre in conjunction with city and state leaders.


Collaborations is a collection of testimonials from people I've worked with, primarily as a director and arts educator. It should give you a clearer sense of my artistic priorities, and how I work.



This site last edited August 6, 2018

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